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Make Kids Love Clean Up Time

kidroomIf you have little kids, you know how they love to make a mess – but hate to pick it all up! I have 4 grandkids and being that I clean houses professionally, I’m especially aware how quick a room can turn into a war-zone after the kids step foot in it for just 1 or 2 minutes! Is this your ideal playroom?

The key to a clean playroom is teaching the kids that clean up time is fun! My grandkids love to play “Beat the Clock”! Check out some fun ways to make cleaning fun below:

Beat the Clock –  Give the kids a task, such as putting all the toys back in the toy box. Now start a timer and watch them pick up quicker than ever before! The general rule is to give them one minute per every year of their age.

The Counting Game –  This one is simple, yet great for younger kids just learning to count. Have them pick up say, 5 toys, and they count as they pick them up!

Musical Freeze – Put some music on and have the children clean up until the music stops. When the music stops they have to freeze, and when the music starts again, they move on to cleaning a new area or chore.

Another great tip for getting your kids to love clean up time, is to give them a list of chores, and as they progress on their chores during the week – they get stars on say a Star or Chore Chart. If they have reached a certain number of stars by the end of the week, they get a reward – such as a toy, or allowance money.

Hope this helps to get your kids jazzed for clean up time, or to do their chores! Good luck!

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