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Even though your closet hides behind doors (well hopefully – unless your clothes are constantly popping out!) your closet needs the same attention you give to your room during its weekly cleaning. Your closet can help add to a stress-free room if it is organized. Don’t worry – this will be a fun project! I cam across this great video on organizing your closet, including your clothes, belts, shoes, hangars & containers. Take a look and tell me what you think! Continue Reading

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Wood

Last week my grandchild was coloring on a sheet of paper on the dinner table. However he wasn’t using a crayon. Or a pencil. No. He was using a PERMANENT MARKER that had seeped through the paper. My wood table was covered in marker! I tried water, 409, Awesome, everything I could think of. Nothing worked. What didn’t I think of — toothpaste! Yup. I googled it after trying numerous cleaning items I had under my sink.

I came across this website:

What a life saver! I took an old rag, dipped it in warm water, and with my finger just applied toothpaste to all the markings. I applied a little elbow grease as I rubbed each of the markings away!

Spring Cleaning Time

It’s Spring time! What does that mean in my world – it means that it is time to tackle the jobs around the house you may have been dreading. If you take small steps, it won’t be too much work at once.

Check out this article over at – “Spring Cleaning 2018” By: Jessica Huffman –

Jessica goes over 10 great spring cleaning tips and helps you tackle one task at a time without getting overwhelmed. Good luck, and cheers to a clean home!


How to Clean Your Refrigerator and Remove the Odors – BE GREEN
If you have a bad smell coming from your refrigerator, chances are something has moved beyond its prime. Take that as your cue to do a little spring cleaning. Spills should always be cleaned right away, but chances are you don’t clean your refrigerator often. You are not the only one! Make it a habit to clean it out at least once every three months to keep the bacteria away, or sooner if there is a bad odor coming from your refrigerator. Continue Reading

Chances are you are making some very common cleaning mistakes. I found an article that had some really great tips on correctly cleaning items which most people are doing all wrong. Here is one great example I have pasted from the article, 6 Things You’re Cleaning Wrong, from Good Housekeeping: Continue Reading

How many times have you wished that your garbage disposal smelled lemony instead like a sewer. Believe it or not it”s literally as simple as throwing lemons at it.

Continue Reading

We all know even the smallest inconveniences around the house can make our lives more stressful. Things like crayon on the TV – YIKES! Or having trouble folding a fitted sheet. Even losing your bobby pins daily! I came across a blog post that has not one, or two, but 25 really neat ways to make life simpler at home with, often times, things you already have lying around the house! Continue Reading

By Justin L. Cook

No one is really safe from having mold problems, because they can grow inside any house. This does not mean that they should be left untreated because mold represents a major problem for a variety of reasons. You should see to it that you take action in order to clear them out. Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning – Clean your windows!

Now that Spring is here, you’ll want to clean those windows so you can see the beautiful day outside – each and every day! Here are some tips… Continue Reading

With Stainless Steel being the hottest selling appliances, be sure to watch the video below on how to keep those beautiful appliances CLEAN! It is hard, but it can be done. And yes – you will have to do it often. It will help make your appliances last a lifetime too.