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Home Maintenance Items That You Probably Didn’t Realize You Should Be Doing

Here is a great resource for any home owner. In fact, it should be a resource realtors hand to home buyers at closing! Did you know it’s important to flush your water heater regularly? Or how about the importance of cleaning your home’s refrigerator drip pan? Did you even know your fridge had a drip pan? Check out those and more below…

Head on over to and read their can’t miss article: 6 Home Maintenance Tasks You May Not Even Realize You Have to Do

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Winter is coming! Well for some, it’s already here. Here are some great tips on how to prepare your home for the winter weather. Watch this quick 2-minute video by Smead – Organized Life:

What was your favorite tip?

Are your kitchen cabinets getting a bit drab? Do they need a fresh new look? I came across a video on how to improve your kitchen cabinets. Think you can’t do it yourself (DIY)? Think again! You can! It just takes some elbow grease! I have re-done my own hardwood floors, and kitchen cabinets myself so I can speak from experience. And I’m a woman! Half at it ladies (and guys)!

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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is becoming a trend nowadays. One great DIY project to liven up your kitchen is by refinishing your kitchen cabinets. I have done this to my own home, and now I’ll walk you through how to do it to your own kitchen cabinets. By the way, this is also an inexpensive way to add value to your home if you are thinking of moving! Continue Reading

Check out this great video I found. Teresa Ward, of – Long Island House Cleaning in New York, shows you how to clean the grease from your kitchen cabinets.

We all may think that our kitchen sink is already clean each time we use it. After all, we always see water running through it, right? Of course, that is not enough to kill the germs and bacteria. We should be sanitizing our sinks often! Here are some tips for you to sanitize your disposal and give your sink its shine again without the use of strong and harmful chemical cleaners. Continue Reading

I came across this article today at Good Housekeeping’s blog

Check out the first tip below:

Laundry day is a project (the sorting, the pretreating, the care-tag reading, the folding — ugh), and wrinkles are the thorn in a completed load’s side. So we asked Carolyn Forte, the director of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, for best ways we can all spend less time stooped over the ironing board.

​1. Try the wet washcloth trick.

We couldn’t live without our trusty irons, but when you’re staring at a pile of wrinkled shirts on a super-busy morning, you wish the whole ironing thing could be a little more automated. That’s where this trick comes in.

Throw your rumpled outfit into the dryer with a damp washcloth, and run it for about 10 or 15 minutes. The steam emitted from the washcloth with smooth the garments’ wrinkles — and offer you a few extra minutes to eat breakfast.

Want to try this tip on a larger load? “Use a hand towel or bath towel instead of a washcloth,” says Forte.


Read the rest here:

Source: Good  Housekeeping Article: 6 Genius Tricks for Wrinkle-Free Clothes  By: 

chemIt’s spring-cleaning time. To make things a little easier, we have 20 tips that will help you keep your house in a tip top shape any time of year, so you can have a tidy, sparkling home in no time flat.

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Who else here loves to drink wine? I sure do! I am sure you have seen some fun ways on how to re-purpose your wine corks. Well here are a few more that you may have not seen. You will love saving wine corks after learning the fun and unique ways to repurpose your wine corks! Continue Reading

how to clean washing machineEverything needs to be cleaned once in a while, and a washing machine is no exception. After washing loads of dirty laundry, the inside of the machine can collect dirt, and odors may cling to its walls and get transferred to your clothes. Luckily, you probably won’t need anything you don’t already keep around the house.

Why clean your washing machine?

  • – Some washers have the tendency to smell bad due to their design.
  • – Odors in a washing machine can eventually come off on clean clothing.
  • – Hard water causes lime buildup in components and pipes, causing things to run slower. Washing machines and pipes are more efficient when lime is removed.
  • – You may live in a humid climate. Constant moisture in the air prevents the washer from completely drying in between loads, causing stale odors and mildew.
  • – Often times soap and dirt splash up, leaving grime on parts of the agitator and wash bins that are above the water line.

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