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6 Cleaning Tips You Didn’t Know About 

Chances are you are making some very common cleaning mistakes. I found an article that had some really great tips on correctly cleaning items which most people are doing all wrong. Here is one great example I have pasted from the article, 6 Things You’re Cleaning Wrong, from Good Housekeeping:

dishwasher1. Dishes, glasses, and utensils
Don’t fall into the habit of jamming items in the dishwasher like in a game of Tetris. Utensils nested together won’t get an even washing, so alternate placing spoons handles up and down, but keep forks tines up for best cleaning. In addition, make sure not to mix silver and stainless steel flatware, as the silver could get pitted if they touch. Never stack items, either, because the water spray won’t be able to reach the dishes on top. Place extra-dirty items on the bottom rack facing the center so they’re near the spray arm. And if you’re using a detergent pod, place it in the dispenser—if tossed in, it’ll dissolve too quickly.

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Next on the list are shower curtain liners which most people would just throw away…if you read the rest of Good Housekeeping’s article, you’ll see why that is a costly mistake!

What is a tip you have learned about cleaning that most have been getting wrong?

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