25 Cool Tricks You Can Use Around Your House Home // 25 Cool Tricks You Can Use Around Your House

25 Cool Tricks You Can Use Around Your House

We all know even the smallest inconveniences around the house can make our lives more stressful. Things like crayon on the TV – YIKES! Or having trouble folding a fitted sheet. Even losing your bobby pins daily! I came across a blog post that has not one, or two, but 25 really neat ways to make life simpler at home with, often times, things you already have lying around the house!

Did you know you can hide scratches on your furniture by rubbing a walnut over it?



Photo Source: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-cover-up-dings-in-woode-109198

Do you have a bunch of spray bottles under your kitchen sink? Try this: Install a tension rod to hang them on!

clever-20 (1)


Photo Source: http://www.jenthousandwords.com/2010/09/under-my-sink.html

Check out the full list of 25 ways to make your life simpler and your house more stress free at The Daily Buzz

Which one do you think you will try? Let us know in the comments!

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