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20 Spring Cleaning Tips

chemIt’s spring-cleaning time. To make things a little easier, we have 20 tips that will help you keep your house in a tip top shape any time of year, so you can have a tidy, sparkling home in no time flat.

You love a spotless house, but you don’t want to spend the bulk of your time actually cleaning. Well, fret no more. Here are 20 spring cleaning tips to help you get started!

  1. Wash the mattress pad, pillow coverings, and pillows from everyone’s bed, then do a second load with your bath mat, shower curtain, and even the curtain liner on the gentle cycle with color-safe bleach. Give them the toughest cleaning they can take. They’re your front line against tracked in dirt, so keep them clean enough to function at peak efficiency.
  2. It’s hard to believe, but your dirty kitchen sink has more bacteria than your toilet seat. Use a product labeled as a disinfectant, or make your own. To disinfect, clean your sink with soap and water, then spray a mist of vinegar followed by a mist of hydrogen peroxide, and then let it dry. If your sink is stainless steel, make it sparkle afterward by putting a few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and start cleaning.
  3. Once a week, shake baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe around your dishwasher’s edges to remove stuck on food or stains. During cold and flu season, add a quarter-cup of bleach to the regular dish cycle in order to kill bacteria.
  4. Fresh lemons smell clean so try this: Cut one in half, put the pieces in a microwave-safe bowl with water to cover, and cook on High for two to three minutes. The steam will soften hardened food inside the microwave oven while you enjoy the citrus scent. Then grate the fruit in the garbage disposal to eliminate any musty odor and greasy gunk.
  5. Use microfiber cloths instead. When wet, they sanitize and clean floors, counters, glass and tile, and eliminate the need for other cleaning products.
  6. Open the refrigerator and dump lingering leftovers, spoiled food, and open bottles of condiments, like a grill marinade from last summer. You could remove all the glass shelves and wash them or give them a fast once-over with a wet cloth or sponge. Don’t forget fingerprints and splatters on the door front and handle.
  7. We all know that sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Disinfect yours every night by squeezing it out and microwaving it on high for a minute. When it’s shredded and smelly, then you need to replace it.
  8. Rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass doors twice a month causes water to bead up and roll off.
  9. Switch from tablecloths to place mats, and arrange a bowl of fruit or a vase of fresh flowers in the middle of the kitchen table. The mats are easier to keep clean, if your table looks set, it’s a less likely landing pad for mail and other clutter.
  10. Buy a few potted plants like Pansies and Gerbera daisies because these will be flowering soon, and tuck them into nicer pots. It’s still too chilly for planting (depending on where you live), but in the meantime you can enjoy their pretty petals.
  11. Take a warm wash cloth with some mild soap, and go around the house cleaning your walls. You’ll be surprised how dirty they have gotten since their last clean. This is especially important for families who have little kids. They love touching walls with their dirty hands!
  12. In the bathroom, see if your loofah or toothbrush needs replacing. You should get a new brush every three months and a new scrubber every 30 days, but toss immediately if the bristles are frayed or the loofah smells of mildew, and don’t forget to remove all expired medicine.
  13. Drop a teaspoon of Tang Drink Mix in the toilet bowl. The citric acid acts like a scrubber and is nontoxic, in case the dog takes a sip. Let it sit for a few minutes, then swish and flush.
  14. Cleaning should always be done top to bottom. That way, any crumbs or dust that falls to the floor will get picked up as you vacuum or sweep. And believe it or not, there’s a right way to sweep.
  15. To sweep, hold the broom like a canoe paddle, with one hand on top of the handle and the other toward the middle. Push your hands in opposite directions to get the most out of every sweeping stroke. Sweep from the outside in so that you don’t miss any spots, and move the dirt to the center of the room, where it will be easy to pick up.
  16. If your bed is made, your bedroom looks neat. When you wake up, pull the covers up to your chin, then scissor-kick your way out of bed so it’ll be half done. Finish the job before you walk away.
  17. Most women have drawers full of clothes they don’t wear, and their dresser tops, then become repositories for things they can’t store. Get rid of things you haven’t worn in a year and vow to put away your clean laundry each week.
  18. When you’re vacuuming, begin in the farthest corner and work toward the door, using slow, repetitive front to back motions in an overlapping sequence. As you look over the freshly vacuumed floor, you shouldn’t see any footprints.
  19. Do a 15 minute sweep through each room, taking a laundry basket with you. Place in it anything that doesn’t belong in that room, then put away the stuff that does belong there.
  20. Every house needs one. Use a cute vintage lunch box or lidded storage container to stash lost game pieces, stray screws and buttons, and similar small items. When you need the item, you’ll know where to look first.

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